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Karate Class

Students will see an improvement (very quickly, in fact) in gross motor skills, balance and agility. With time, they will gain the core strength that will allow them to move with less clumsiness, and even spill over into fine motor skills, such as writing, holding silverware and cutting paper - all skills which are tested for school readiness. Even more, parents will see an increase in their listening skills and ability to be still for short periods. Parents love the changes they see in their children - increasing confidence, showing more kindness and courtesy for their classmates and siblings, and even more willingness to help at home.

Karate class prepare your child for their first preschool (or even higher) setting, and can be a great partner in helping your youngster to show the proper behaviors at school that will keep them at the top of the class, and off the teacher's "naughty" list. This will continue in Playschool and beyond, as they learn what it means to be a leader and a positive influencer.

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